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Simply put, we're independent artists; artists whose sensibilities lean toward the grim. Why? Because we're paying attention. We realize that the world around us is filled with beauty but even beauty is dark, and sinister and surrounded on all sides but the grim aspects of life; human and otherwise. We're the people who circle the edges, never invited in because we're scary, unpleasant and often speak the truth too starkly.

We also realize this type of art is upsetting, and is often lead to slaughter. Most do not wish to know what lurks amongst the shadows and would rather blithely go through life unaware, unenlightened and ignorant. And what do humans do to things they do not understand, or are unyielding to pretense? They kill it.

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Gallery of Fear

Gallery of Fear

Opening with a decidedly European flair, the story begins as internationally renowned art critic “Roberta Van Houten” (Debbie Rochon), is chauffeured by David Marancik, through the twisting back roads of New Jersey. Rochon, secret weapon of more films than can be counted, once again applies her chameleon charm to become the snotty Roberta. Marancik, gripping the wheel as if he wished it were Roberta's neck, rushes his bitchy charge to a date with fate. The artwork Roberta has come to see represents a grand guignol-esque trip through a veritable romper room of wrong. read more...


The clues are in the beginning and the ending of the film...

Alice: Madness Returns

Having read and heard about this film for years, I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Repulsion from beginning to end. Now I can truly understand what all the fuss was about with Polanski as one of THE premiere filmmakers of the Sixties. I can also see why he should have been the ONLY director considered to helm the equally terrifying, paranoid and claustrophobic Rosemary's Baby.  read more...

The clues are in the beginning and the ending of the film...

Kitty In A Casket - Back to Thrill

Their latest release entitled Back To Thrill, is stylistically very similar to Horror Express but sees the band in a more self assured light. The new lineup is wound tightly to explode at a moments notice with pogo inducing power riffing. This is journeyman road rock from a punk-a-billy priestess and three working class ass kickers out to make a name for themselves. read more...

The clues are in the beginning and the ending of the film...

The Brit Chick's 13 Secret Film Crushes!

Another country heard from, literally! Please take a few moments to check out Karen's list of hotties from across the pond. Staff writer Karen has taken a moment to toss her hat in the ring and give us the low down on the guys that put the shimmy in her money maker! I think you might be a bit surprised with the interesting turn of events that...

Original Fictions
The clues are in the beginning and the ending of the film...

Hoar Frost

Brenda inhaled the essence of cold that had been Steven. She held her breath for ten seconds relishing the deep freeze within her. She then exhaled three times and each time she exhaled, a blue and white mist exited her lungs. One cloud went immediately to the side of the stone cave and frost appeared as it hardened creating beautiful patterns against the old gray stone....

Bob FrevilleBob Freville
March 2011

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